Supergrip (UK) deliver a range of dynamic and static bend stiffeners

Supergrip (UK) Ltd have completed a number of projects for the design and manufacture of dynamic and static bend stiffeners for major cable manufactuers both in the UK and Europe.
supergrip-manufacture-bend-stiffener-2All products were designed in-house by our Orcina trained engineers to determine the bend stiffener profile and the internal interface adaptors were subjected to Finite Element Analysis.
Following a formally controlled manufacturing procedure each stiffener was then subjected to bend testing on our in-house test machines which are capably of providing load test results for static systems and cycle testing of the dynamic alternative.
supergrip-manufacture-bend-stiffener-3Darren Blackburn, Supergrip director stated “Bend stiffeners, both dynamic and static, are proving to be a core product of our business. The industry has experienced problems with insert pull-out and it is critical that this component is designed correctly to ensure long term design life of the product.  We pride ourselves on our technical and manufacturing response as well as thorough product testing prior to offshore installation. As an example we successfully won and executed one project on a bespoke design as we had the capability of supplying 4-off units within 3 weeks, something our client was unable to achieve with other manufacturers”.

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