Subsea Sealing Systems

Subsea Sealing Systems come in a variety of forms. Supergrip UK Ltd offer a full range of standard and bespoke products, using our vast experience to ensure our solutions are cost effective, practical and user friendly.

Some of the common types of Subsea Sealing System Supergrip provide are listed below;

J-Tube Seals

J-Tube Seals are typically designed to ensure long-term pressure retention within the J-Tube following installation of new riser into the platform. The seal allows a constant over-pressure to be applied via the platform corrosion inhibition system, and also ensures seawater cannot enter the J-Tube & provide fresh oxygen to promote corrosion.

A J-Tube Seal can also provide a mechanical support within the J-Tube bellmouth to ensure flexible risers are not subjected to excessive point loading. A connection for bend restrictors can be implemented to ensure the mechanical support is continued all the way to the seabed.

Pipeline Plugs

Pipeline Plugs have the core properties of a J-Tube Seal, but are simpler in installation given the fact that their core purpose is simply to plug the end of any circular orifice. Pipeline Plugs come in a variety of forms for installation topside or subsea, using diver or ROV intervention. They can be designed for long or short-term use and implement a host of features such as pressure monitoring ports, test facilities, flooding / flushing capabilities etc.

Pipe-In-Pipe Waterstop Seals

Pipe-In-Pipe (PIP) Waterstop Seals offer a simple, cost effective way of ensuring the minimisation of flooding, should a breach occur in the outer pipe of the PIP system. Breaches in the outer wall of a PIP system would otherwise lead to total line flooding, meaning an overall cooling of the internal flowline, reducing production capability.

Supergrip UK ltd offer an enhanced design of PIP Waterstop Seal, which has been developed based on our extensive experience in the field. A unique new feature of our design caters for the more commonly found reel-lay methodology and ensures centralisation of the seal following the reel/unreel process during installation.

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