Clamping Systems

Supergrip (UK) Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture and offshore installation of a wide range of topside and subsea riser and umbilical clamping systems.

Each clamping system is of a bespoke design but based upon modular field proven assemblies. Clamping systems are designed for a range of loads dependent upon the application.

• Riser and umbilical platform hang-off assemblies
Steel riser hang-off clamps are a compact design, which incorporates a collet self-aligning feature to address the issue of curvature within the riser post pull-in. The assembly is quick and easy to install and is capable of transferring vertical forces created by self-weight and thermal expansion back into the J-Tube.
Flexible riser hang-off clamps have the same load bearing capability of the steel riser hang-off clamps, but can be fitted with a simple collar interface to connect to the existing flexible pull-in head.

Above the hang-off arrangement is a radially adjustable seal housing capable of withstanding high pressures in case of riser failure. The seal housing incorporates a dual seal arrangement to enable Supergrip technicians to confirm the successful sealing integrity of the system during installation.

• ROV installed installation, recovery and retention clamps
Subsea clamps for flowline installations and recovery during abandonment operations are provided with ROV torque tool interfaces in accordance with ISO 13628-8. Higher loads are accommodated by including failsafe locking collets and hydraulic activation.

• Umbilical tip clamps
Umbilical tip clamps are similar in construction to installation and recovery clamps and are designed to be installed immediately behind a bend stiffener connector (BSC) and dynamic bend stiffener.
An ROV hot stab interface and valve arrangement is provided for activation and isolation of the BSC.
The Tip Clamp is installed topside on-board the installation vessel and removed subsea by ROV once the installation of the BSC into the guide tube is complete.

• Subsea hold back clamps
Subsea hold back clamps are used to control and position riser buoyancy during the installation of umbilicals or flexible risers. The clamps incorporate a rigging attachment point to enable the connection to a subsea anchor.

All clamps are manufactured in-house and are subjected to a formal load testing and certification procedure by an independent third party authority.

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