Pipeline Repair Clamps

Supergrip (UK) Ltd personnel have extensive experience in the field of deep-water diver-less pipeline repair clamps. Since 1998 our engineers have successfully delivered numerous subsea pipeline repair clamps.

Three types of diver-less repair clamps are available:

1. emergency low pressure fast track sealing clamps.

2. pressure retaining pipeline repair clamps

3. structural and pressure retaining pipeline repair clamps.

Long-term repair clamps are provided with a double seal arrangement on both the radial and longitudinal seal elements. In addition all seals are fitted with anti-extrusion plates to ensure that they are located in a captive housing. This ensures that there are no open areas and eliminates the potential for seal extrusion or creep which is the commonest cause for repair clamp failure.

All clamps supplied by Supergrip are subjected to a formal factory acceptance test, which covers installation, pressure / load retention and removal. Our extensive experience, gained over 20 years, has highlighted the criticality of performing formal and repeatable workshop testing to avoid costly delays and issues offshore.


Emergency low-pressure repair clamp

The Emergency Low-Pressure Clamp was developed for temporary sealing of minor leaks on fast-track applications, for projects without contingency Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS).

This clamp enables the pipeline to be operated at a lower pressure whilst a long term Pressure Retaining Pipeline Repair Clamp is produced. The clamp is suitable for pressure ratings upto 20.6 bar.g (ANSI-150#).

The clamp is installed by ROV and is fitted with torque tool receptacle and closed and tensioned around the pipeline. An additional hydraulic activated sealing pad is pressurised against the outside of the line over the leak location.


Pressure retaining pipeline repair clamp

The Pressure Retaining Pipeline Repair Clamp is used for long-term applications. The equipment is used for sealing small pipeline defects such as pin hole leaks, cracks etc and unlike the Structural Pipeline Repair clamp does not provide increased structural integrity unless utilizing with polymeric grout for a dent or gouge repair scenario.

The clamp is a conventional split sleeve arrangement and is fitted with a dual seal arrangement on both radial and longitudinal seals. This enables pressure verification testing to be performed to confirm sealing integrity prior to the ROV leaving work-site.

Grout ports are included as standard to allow for structural dent or gouge repair, using polymeric grout to fill the area between the internal seals and providing structural support to the damaged section.

The standard clamps are provided with a distance of 0.7D between the internal radial seals, however we can also provide longer clamps for bespoke project specific applications. 


Structural and pressure retaining pipeline repair clamp

The Structural Pipeline Repair Clamps are provided for sealing larger defects.

The clamp incorporates failsafe modular locking collets that connect onto the standard pressure retaining clamp. 

Both the pressure retaining and structural clamps can be supplied for both diver and ROV installation. The clamps are provided with re-usable installation tools that provide a controlled landing onto the damaged pipe and a controlled and accurate closure of the clamp.


• pipe diameters: 4” to 36” NS

• pressure rating: 25 bar.g to 450 bar.g

• Operating temperature: -40ºc to +180ºc

• design standards: ASME VIII, DNV-OS-F101 & DNV-RP-113


• dual seal arrangement on all clamps

• pressure verification testing capability

* anti-extrusion protection on all seals

• hydraulic installation tools and HPUs supplied for installation of all clamps.

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