Pipeline Plugs

Pipeline Bungs have the core properties of a J-Tube Seal, but are simpler in installation given the fact that their core purpose is simply to plug the end of any circular orifice.

Pipeline bungs are used in the following applications:

Temporary sealing of J-Tubes prior to pull-in operations

General pipeline isolation

Pipeline abandonment applications

Suction pile plugs

Monopile isolation


Pipeline Bungs come in a variety of forms for installation topside or subsea, using diver or ROV intervention. They can be designed for long or short-term use and implement a host of features such as pressure monitoring ports, messenger wire attachments, test facilities, flooding / flushing capabilities etc.



Application: Abandonment / Suction Pile Sealing / Temporary Plug / Flushing Operations

Plug diameters: 4”ns – 40” ns

Sealing pressure: > 10 bar.g

Design life: >50 years


ROV activation and / or release torque tool receptacles in accordance with ISO 13628-8

Integral buoyancy fitted for ROV / Diver recovery

Seal verification pressure testing capability

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