Pipeline Connectors

Supergrip (UK) Ltd personnel have extensive experience in the field of deep-water diver-less pipeline repair systems. Since 2008 our engineers have successfully delivered numerous subsea pipeline connectors.

Two types of pipeline connector are available in diver installed or diver-less repair forms:

1. flanged pipeline connector

2. pipe-to-pipe connector

Pipeline connectors are provided with a double or triple seal arrangement to allow for subsea verification testing and / or pressure monitoring. All seals are fitted with anti-extrusion plates to ensure that they are located in a captive housing. This ensures that there are no open areas and eliminates the potential for seal extrusion or creep which is the commonest cause for repair failure.

An independently activated failsafe locking collet system is provided with each connector. Independent activation of the seals and gripping mechanism allows for greater installation tolerances to be accommodated, and verification of the seals to take place prior to a permanent connection being made.

All connectors supplied by Supergrip are subjected to a formal factory acceptance test, which covers installation, pressure & load retention and removal. Our extensive experience, gained over 20 years, has highlighted the criticality of performing formal and repeatable workshop testing to avoid costly delays and issues offshore.

Flanged connector

The flanged connector presents the typical form of pipeline connector, which fits over the end of a cut section of pipe and, following activation, presents a flange connection for subsea tie-in with no requirement for expensive hyperbaric welding.

Once activated, the connector is capable of retaining all pipeline pressure and loadings.

The connector can be provided with a typical fixed flange or alternatively, a swivel or misalignment flange can be utilised to simplify tie-in operations.

Each connector is supplied with a telescopic function as standard, allowing for pipe cut and / or spool manufacturing tolerances to be comfortably accommodated.

Pipe-to-pipe connector

The pipe-to-pipe connector consists of the same features of the flanged pipeline connector, but replaces the end flange with another set of seals and failsafe locking collet system, allowing a direct pipe-to-pipe coupling to take place.


• pipe diameters: 4” to 36” NS

• pressure rating: > 450 bar.g

• Operating temperature: -40ºc to +180ºc

• design standards: ASME VIII, ASME B31.3/ 31.4/31.8, DNV-OS-F101 & DNV-RP-113


• dual seal arrangement on all systems as standard

• pressure verification testing capability

* anti-extrusion protection on all seals

• Installation frames & rigging supplied for all connectors

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