Pipe in pipe waterstop seals

Pipe-In-Pipe (PIP) Waterstop Seals offer a simple, cost effective way of ensuring the minimisation of flooding, should a breach occur in the outer pipe of the PIP system. Breaches in the outer wall of a PIP system would otherwise lead to total line flooding, meaning an overall cooling of the internal flowline, reducing production capability.

Supergrip UK ltd offer an enhanced design of PIP Waterstop Seal, which has been developed based on our extensive experience in the field.

Unique new features of the Supergrip design caters for the more commonly found reel-lay methodology and ensures self-centralisation of the seal element following the reel/unreel process during installation. The design also incorporates an enhanced, high-integrity self-energizing double barrier seal arrangement, which increases the sealing capability, particularly on flowlines that may have corrosions or mill scale issues.







Flowline sizes: 4”ns – 16”ns

Carrier pipe sizes: 6”ns – 20”ns

Sealing pressure: > 450 bar.g (4,500 metre water depth)

Design life: > 50 years

Design temperature: > 180ºc (350ºF)


self-centring seal elements cater for unstraightened flowlines

double seal assembly on both bi-directional seal elements

quick and efficient installation methodology

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