Diver activated J-Tube Seals supplied

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July 15, 2020
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July 23, 2020
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Diver activated J-Tube Seals supplied

Supergrip has completed the supply of 2-off diver activated J-Tube Seals. The seals were designed to suit a 127mm OD cable and a 14” NS subsea J-Tube.

Rosalyn Mitchell, project engineer at Supergrip, said, “These seals are another variation in our range of Supergrip j-Tube Seals. In addition to diverless and ROV activated systems we also supply a range of diver activated systems. We offer systems that can be installed at the bellmouth by the diver post completion of the cable pull-in operation. We also supply systems that are pre-installed onto the cable on the installation vessel and then activated by divers once they have been installed as part of the natural cable pull-in operation. The advantage of this method is that there is no additional pull-in force created, no manipulation of the cable required to install the seals, and an optimised sealing capability over passive systems. The Supergrip design has a unique activate and reset capability enabling the diver to remove the gripping force applied during the installation process if required. This can be beneficial if the cable needs to be lowered during the hang-off process”

“These particular J-Tube Seals were also fitted with an interface enabling us to install bend stiffeners onto the rear of the assembly for cable protection during installation and operation”

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